Company History

Map Works was started in 1974 by Thomas Kennel as Upstate Map Services, an advertising sales and map distribution firm, incorporated as Good Beginnings in 1976 and renamed as Map Works in 1987.

Initially the company distributed other map publishers' products and concentrated on building a distribution network of retail stores throughout Upstate New York and neighboring areas. However, in 1979 the company began publishing its own manually produced, copyrighted maps, and throughout the 1980s acquired various types of film production/darkroom equipment. In 1990, Map Works added state-of-the-art map folding equipment and in 1993 produced its first all-digital map.

Today, the company today is capable of publishing a map—using state-of-the-art digital production techniques—from concept to final delivery on an in-house basis. Only map printing and finishing is performed by outside firms.

In 2010, Map Works discontinued its program of delivery to retail stores and closed its Office Location and Warehouse in the Rochester, NY area. Map printing and finishing is provided by a printing firm in Denver, CO and all map and atlas distribution is now accomplished exclusively through Map Works’ Online Store and Map Order Phone @ 1-800-822-6277. All orders are shipped from the company’s new Warehouse Location in Tucson, Arizona. Map research and cartography remains in the Rochester, NY area.

Thomas Kennel